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What Carseat Brands does this product fit onto?

The Carseat Sidekick™ fits all major infant carseat brands, including:


Safety First™


Baby Trend™




Maxi Cosi™



Does it work for convertible carseats?

The Carseat Sidekick™ does not fit onto convertible carseats. Coming soon is the Convertible Carseat Sidekick™ which will work perfectly on convertible carseats.

What color options are available?

We currently offer three great color choices: blue/green, pink/white and orange/white.

Does the Carseat Sidekick™ work on Strollers?

Yes, the Carseat Sidekick™ does fit on most strollers.

How do I install the Carseat Sidekick™ onto my carseat?

For video and usage instructions click here.

How much do they cost?

The retail price is $18.

Is there a shipping fee?

Shipping is $3.95

Can I find these in stores anywhere?

Our list of retailers is coming soon and will be found by clicking here. In the meantime if you know of a store who you think should carry our product shoot us an email. If they start carrying the product we will send you a free Carseat Sidekick™

I have a blog, do you do giveaways for writers?

We love to do giveaways and give away samples for reviews by bloggers. Just send us a link to your blog and let us know what you would like to do. We woud love to talk to you about a giveaway on your blog to help us spread the word, please give us a call.

Has your product been tested to pass children safety regulations?

Yes, the Carseat Sidekick™ has been thoroughly tested by CIPSIA and passed with flying colors. Attached is the document for our Safety Certification.

Wholesale Questions

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, wholesale orders are our primary business.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Wholesale orders are sold in quantities of 12 units.

What is the wholesale discount?

Please call for wholesale pricing! 888-238-2299

Do you have POP display?

We currently do not have POP displays. If this is smething your company is interested in please contact us and let us know what type of POP your store would like.

Have you had your product certified and tested to conform to CIPSIA regulations?


Do you have proper UPC codes for each color and style of the product?

We do have unique UPC codes for each color of the Carseat Sidekick™

Are there any extra price breaks for large orders?

For orders over 500 units please contact us at 1-888-238-2299 to discuss shipping or price breaks.

Do you charge shipping on Wholesale orders?

For all orders under $200 we do charge shipping, but all orders over $200 will receive free shipping.

About Us

We are just a Mom and Dad who were tired and frustrated with digging the straps out from under our son in the car seat and set out to solve that problem. We hope you love the Carseat Sidekick.

10¢ of every car seat strap holder sold goes to living water international


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